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Balancing tools and their holders has become a staple in all manufacturing industries. The benefits to having balanced tools on a machine are essential to increasing efficiency. Increased machine life, cutting volume increase, and longer tool life are some of the greatest advantages to having a balanced tool.

All tools we manufacture are balanced to a G2.5 rating according to their maximum RPM limitations. We also offer balancing as a separate service for any tools that are unbalanced, or ones that have been damaged causing an imbalance. We can accommodate a small range of bore and shank style tools. We can also balance HSK-F63 and HSK-A63 tool holders.

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For balancing, we measure imbalance using a Haimer Tool Dynamic TD 2002. The products made by Haimer are the most advanced in balancing and tool holder technology. All tools are held in hydraulic HSK holders and expanding arbors to ensure accurate results from balancing. That way our balancing process is easy, fast, and accurate. Please call to speak to a representative about balancing your existing tools and or tool holders.