At Vexor, we go through a series of steps to ensure that customers receive the tools and service that best applies to their needs whether it is simple or complex. From standard saw blades to custom insert tooling we will go over what will be best for any application. We analyze all aspects of the job or end goal to determine the most cost effective investment into any tooling.

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With going over what machine will be used, what type of material will be cut, and the average use of the tool we can come up with several solutions to anyone’s tooling challenges. Also, being able to provide every type of tooling allows us to offer every option. We design and manufacture all new tooling using the latest in CAD and CAM software. Utilizing AutoCAD, Solidworks, and MasterCAM tools are designed and manufactured in 3D to optimize quality and to prevent any errors. This way tools are made right the first time, every time. Call to consult with an applications engineer today.

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