Do you have to restore a historic home, or maybe match mouldings in an addition? Maybe you're creating a dresser that needs to match an antique night stand. Perhaps your architect or design team has designed something truly unique, and it needs to match perfectly. That is no problem. Our engineers can design one off custom router bits to match architectural drawings, wood samples, and even your sketches. 

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Our custom router bit bodies are made of quality steel and machined on state of the art CNC machinery. We use high quality, high grade carbide, and every custom router bit is ground on a Swiss five axis CNC grinder. These custom router bits are very sharp, precision made tools. All of our custom router bits are balanced to the industry standard of 2.5G according to their weight and maximum operating RPM. 


We specialize in manufacturing custom router bits for any use. We can build them with shank sizes ranging from .25" to 1" in ANSI and Metric standards. We can handle it all, whether it’s handrail router bits for your 5 axis CNC router, a threaded shank tool for your pin router, or an edge detail for your hand router.

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If you want a quote on a custom router bit please contact us. Please provide some sort of drawing, sketch, or tracing of the profile you want a quote for. Any information regarding machinery, rotation, and profile orientation will help speed up the quoting process. Also, please provide company information such as, company name, address, email, and phone number.

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We take great pride in everything we manufacture. Anything less than perfect is unacceptable to us and we will not rest until what we make is perfect. All router bits ordered will be custom tailored to a specific profile and application. The router bits we manufacture are considered a wearable item and are guaranteed against failure due to manufacturer defect.