Our engineers can design individualized custom shaper cutters to match your architectural drawings, wood samples, and even your sketches. Our custom shaper cutter bodies are made of quality steel and machined on state of the art CNC machinery. We use high quality, high grade carbide, and every shaper cutter is ground on a five axis CNC grinder. All of our shaper cutters are dynamically balanced to the industry standard of 2.5G. The shaper cutters we produce in our facility are very sharp, precision made tools.

All of our custom shaper cutters are dynamically balanced. We can design any shaper cutter you want for any application. We build these for use with machines including: shapers, moulders, tenoners, "shape & sands", CNC routers, and any sort of custom machine with a spindle.

Standard Shaper Cutters

In addition to custom shaper cutters, Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools carries a line of standard shaper cutters as well. We are authorized distributors for Freud, FSTool, Freeborn Tool, CMT,  and many more quality suppliers. We can also supply any accessories you may need for shaper cutters like reduction rings, top hat reducer bushings, spacers, shims, Etc. Contact a Vexor sales representative for all of your standard and custom shaper cutter needs.

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