The HYDRO-GRIP type G3 has a very compact design. It comes equipped with a built in safety device to prevent the tool from falling out when the chuck is not pressurized. This holder utilizes an Allen wrench for operation. These chucks allow for easy tool changes, while keeping perfect run-out and repeatability.

ETP-HYDRO-GRIP-G3 Details.jpg

The type G3 chuck is balanced to G2,5 at 25000 rpm.
The runout is measured at 4xD and the max runout is 0,010 mm.
A normally balanced chuck and tool can be used up to a max. speed of 25000 rpm.

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*) = clamping length.

The type G3 chuck is designed and manufactured for a router bit shank with the tolerance g6 (h7).

g3 Tolerance Chart.jpg