Tool Ordering FAQ

Q. What is your process for ordering a custom tool?

 A. When ordering a custom tool the process is always simple and streamlined. First, we will go over what you are trying to accomplish, and what type of machinery you have. Second, we will quote the job to you and if you wish to proceed then we will need a sample of the finished product or some sort of drawing. Be it a DXF/DWG file, drawing on a piece of paper, or a material sample of what you are trying to match. Lastly, we will make simple 2D approval drawings showing what we will be manufacturing. Once approved we will manufacture the tool and ship it to where it needs to go.

Q. What happens if I have to cancel a tool I've ordered?

 A. If there is a need to cancel a tool after the quote/approval process, then we have a system in place. At 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% we will require payment of that percentage of what was originally quoted. Also, if a quote is accepted and we have made approval drawings that never resulted in a tool being made we have a $25.00 charge per each 2D approval drawing.

Q. Do you require a down payment?

 A. We do not require a down payment for most jobs. With new customers we will require payment in full before any tool is shipped. Down payments are required at our discretion, and is related to the amount of product ordered.

Q. Do you have a guarantee or warranty on your tools?

 A. We guarantee absolutely every aspect of each and every tool we manufacture. All processes are done in house so quality control is easy and our highest concern. If there is a manufacturer's problem with anything we make then it will be solved at no cost. We warranty all tools for life for standard wear and tear.