The Vexor Multi-Pro-CNC insert tool makes for a better router bit.
It offers a sense of flexibility unheard of among other insert tools, it offers substantial savings so you can always look to your next job, and it even requires less downtime for sharpening. The Vexor-Multi-Pro is the best tool on the market for your current and future woodworking endeavors.

If it is flexibility you are looking for, the Vexor Multi-Pro is the tool for you! It works on a variety of machines including the popular Weinig Moulders , also any brand of woodworking shapers (Powermatic , Martin, SCMI, Grizzly) as well as Biesse, Onsrud and Homag CNC Routers. Flexibility and interchangeability are a must for ever woodworkers tool collection and with the Vexor Multi-Pro we aim to give you just that. We realize that no two woodworking projects are the same and so we wanted to increase the versatility of The Vexor Multi-Pro just for you!

This equipment comes in a good variety of widths; ranging from: 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 120mm. We strive to accommodate any profile you need,as we also offer bores that can be ordered form 1-1/4" - 2-1/8" diameter. We aim to give a wide variety of sizes so you can always find something to fit your project.

There are many products out there that sing similar praises; but when you really compare the cost of dedicated tooling versus having a solid multiple profile system, the savings with the Vexor Multi-Pro are remarkable! You can add additional profiles at a fraction of the cost of other products.

We realize your woodworking is serious business; we want to see more of your money staying in your pocket when having a little fun. The Vexor Multi-Pro was designed with you, and your pocket book, in mind. We wanted to create a versatile product at an affordable cost. We never compromise cost for quality. Especially when it comes to the Vexor-Multi-Pro. If you buy this tool, we want to insure you have the cash in your pocket for future projects as well.

Finally, the Vexor Multi-Pro reduces the wait time to send tools in for sharpening. There is nothing worse than being slowed down by having to send something in to be sharpened. And we realize blades dull at the worst of times. Waiting for your blades to come back via the mail can be very time consuming. Not so with the Vexor-Multi- Pro. When your blade becomes dull all you have to do is simply replace it. With this system you can add a new blade without missing a beat.

If it is flexibility you are looking for, the Vexor Multi-Pro has you covered. If it is cost efficiency you are looking for, Vexor- Multi-Pro has you covered. If it less down time waiting for blades to be sharpened, the Vexor Multi-Pro has you covered.