Dedicated glue joint / finger joint tool. Designed for use on moulders and shapers.
Wavy profile creates tight shallow and extremely strong joint with very little depth of cut necessary.

Wavy Glue Shaper Cutter.JPG
  • 60mm Part# VEX-INS-GJ-MH-60
  • 50mm Part# VEX-INS-GJ-MH-50
  • Has a large diameter of 6"
  • 3 wing
  • Cutting length of 50mm (1.968") an 60mm (2.362") available
  • Depth of profile is .100"
  • Perfect when other joinery profiles cannot work
  • Available Bore Sizes 1.25”,40MM,1.5”,1.8125”
Glue Joinery Insert Tool.JPG