Vexor's Carrier System was designed to make use of industry standard carbide inserts. We have developed a couple of different standards already including Carriers to hold standard two sided straight inserts and 4 sided inserts for v-grooving.

Straight Insert Holder

We are constantly developing ways for end users of our Multi-Pro system to get the most out of the tool as possible.

The Carrier System is a great example of just how versatile we can make our insert tool be. 

These are just a few examples of what we can do in terms of what standard inserts we can use.

25xV Groove Carrier Assembly.JPG
  • Available for all sizes of the Multi-Pro family.
  • Can be adapted to most styles of the Multi-Pro system.
  • Can utilize virtually any industry standard insert within reason.
  • Provided cheaper solutions to very standard manufacturing processes.
  • Standard inserts are available in a wider array of carbide grades.
  • Easy and accurate loading of the inserts.
25xV Groove Carrier Assembly.JPG