In addition to our normal CNC Mutli-Pro series tooling we have a CNC style tool that is tailored more for nested base operations. It is available in all of the sizes we offer in our Multi-Pro series of insert tooling. These inserts are created with the nested operation in mind so they have a cutting edge down the side. The bodies are taken and given extra room for chip clearance away from the cutting edge of the insert.

  • By simply changing inserts when dull, there is no need to send the tool in for sharpening.
  •  Extended tool life over brazed tooling due to insert accuracy. Superior carbide and precision wire EDM machined tool bodies result in a superior surface finish and high concentricity.
  • Inserts are made of high quality tungsten carbide (sub micro grain). They are precision ground, and have integrated safety slots.  
  • Guaranteed repeat-ability and consistency in your profiles.
  • Constant small diameter of 69.85mm (2.75”) make switching between profiles easier.
  • Vexor stop plate locating system makes for more accurate side locating, and allows for a visual of the bottom of the insert on both sides of the tool.
  • Wedge gibb requires very little torque to tighten, thus resulting in superior hold down power. Multi-Pro tools are balanced to the industry standard of 2.5G.
  • Hardened backer plates are 5/16” thick with integrated safety slots, making them the strongest in the industry. 
  • Lead time is less than that of dedicated tooling for new profiles.
VEX-NCNCR-35 Assembly.JPG