FireDoor MultiPro200.jpg

The Multi-Pro-Fire-Door insert tooling is available in a variety of configurations. Our engineers can accommodate and design the right profiles needed to create the correct tooling package for you. Interchangeable center cutters can provide you with the right tongue width, while the outside cutters have replaceable inserts and backers to fit all of your cope and stick profiles. This tooling is unbelievably flexible. Please contact a Vexor sales representative for any questions you may have. Here are some of the benefits of the Multi-Pro fire door tools.

  • By simply changing inserts when dull, there is no need to send the tool in for sharpening.

  • Extended tool life over brazed tooling due to insert accuracy. Superior carbide and precision wire EDM machined tool bodies result in a superior surface finish and high concentricity.

  • Hardened backer plates are 5/16” thick with integrated safety slots, making them the strongest in the industry.

  • Inserts are made of high quality tungsten carbide (sub micro grain). They are precision ground, and have integrated safety slots.

  • Constant small diameter of 125mm(4.921”). Depending on configuration.

  • CJ Bridge side locating system makes for more accurate side locating, and allows for a visual of the bottom of the insert on both sides of the tool.

  • Wedge Gibb requires very little torque to tighten, thus resulting in superior hold down power.

  • Multi-Pro tools are balanced.

  • Center cutters utilize standard turn blades and spur inserts.

  • Configurations can be designed for moulders, shapers and CNC routers Etc.