The Multi-Pro-Rosette is an economical way to provide your customers with custom profiles and still get the performance of insert tooling. Just change out insert and backers and you have an entirely new profile. This standard Multi-Pro-Rosette cutter can accommodate profiles up to 3-15/16” diameter with max profile depth of 9/16”. And of course custom configurations are available as well.Manufactured with high tensile steel bodies. And available with ¾”,20mm and 1” diameter shanks (special drill chuck flats are available by request.) Here are just some of the benefits of the Multi-Pro-Rosette cutter.

  • By simply changing inserts when dull, there is no need to send the tool in for sharpening   
  • Extended tool life over brazed tooling due to insert accuracy. Superior carbide and  precision machined tool bodies,this results in a superior surface finish and high concentricity.
  • Hardened backer plates are 1/8” thick.
  • Inserts are made of high quality tungsten carbide (sub micro grain). They are precision ground.
  • Guaranteed repeatability, and consistency in your profiles
  • No visible center cutting mark on rosettes.
  • Multi pro tools are dynamically balanced
  • Lead time is less than that of dedicated tooling for new profiles.