The quality of our insert tools are based on quite a few things.

Wire EDMs
When tool Bodies are machined using wire EDMs, the higher concentricity results, leading to a superior surface finish.

Strong backer plates
A hardened backer plate is essential to the strength of insert tools. Get something 5/16" thick and preferably with integrated safety slots. That's what we do with our multi-pro, and it's the strongest in the industry.

Quality materials
Inserts should be made of high quality tungsten carbide (sub micro grain). They must be precision ground: No shortcuts. Ours even have integrated safety slots.

Does your insert tooling vendor guarantee repeatability? The first run should be just like the last run - and every run in between. Consistency is key in insert tools, and if your vendor doesn't guarantee it, your tool can't guarantee it.

Setup time
Setup time can feel like downtime, and must be minimized for an efficient shop. Our insert tools have a constant small diameter of 125mm (4.921"), resulting in less setup time.

Side locating
A side locating insert tool provides accuracy, safety, and ease of use. Can your tool also provide a visual of the bottom of the insert on both sides of the tool? That will come in handy every day. Be sure to check out our CJ Bridge side locating system.

Wedge gibb
Get a tool with good hold down power. The quality of your finished product is going to be impacted by any slight failure here. On our multi-pro, we use a wedge gibb that requires very little torque to tighten, thus leading to superior hold down power.

Lead time is less than that of dedicated tooling for new profiles
You can feel the clock ticking during lead time. Every extra second of lead time feels like waste. If you need to setup a new profile quickly, a multiple profile system makes that a breeze.

Interchangeable parts
Having interchangeable parts is much better than the old way. With our multi-pro, inserts and backers are interchangeable with Micro Pro, Mikron Pro, and Multi Pro CNC Router Bit.