Shaper Cutters: Woodworking Versitility Precision Tools


Woodworking is a creative, and satisfying art form for professionals and hobbyists alike. Wood is one of the most beautiful, natural, and versatile of project materials available; its diversity, sustainability and recyclability adds to its allure as the perfect substance for construction, cabinetry, and crafts. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a woodworker is having the ability to design and create exactly what you want. Having the right tools, however, is essential to achieve the exact results you are hoping to achieve. A shaper and shaper cutters should be included in every serious woodworker's shop of important tools.


Stronger and quieter than a router, a shaper enables deeper profile cutting and shaping with more power, in larger quantities, and with larger pieces of wood. A shaper is an indispensable piece of equipment for professional and hobbyist woodworkers, but what makes a good shaper great is having top-quality, accurate cutters or ordering custom shaper cutters.


Superior performance shaper cutters available today are remarkably varied to create hundreds of patterns, designs, and profile shapes in wood with ease and precision. The wide selection available includes cutters for molding, glue joints, door construction, flooring, edge forming, all aspects of cabinet- and furniture-making, and more. Many of the blades are razor-sharp, carbide-tipped and non-stick coated, perfect for cutting laminates, particleboard, and manufactured wood products. They resist rust and resin build-up, counter the abrasive action caused by manufactured wood adhesives and laminate resins, and last longer than regular steel blades. When shaping all types of wood, quality cutters provide a smoother finished project with less tear-out and fewer irregularities.


Other types of shaper cutters include those for wainscot, paneling, stile and rail, tongue and groove, raised panel, joinery, window sash, handrail, drop leaf, half round, quarter round, door lip and edge, ogee, flute/bead, finger joint, chamfer, casing, bullnose/bead, rabbeting, cove, bevels, astragal, baseboard and base cap, glass bead, mitered door, chair rail, picture frame, picture molding, transition molding, plinth, reversible glue joint, 5- and 6-piece floor, V-panel, table edge, and more.

    Custom shaper cutters are designed, engineered, and manufactured by professionals who then assign each custom product a specific, filed number for easy reordering and exact duplication. To order custom shaper cutters, a customer must provide profiling specifications, such as material preference of carbide or T-Alloy, number of wings, bore size, types of wood that will be cut, grain cut direction of with or across the grain, cutter diameter and rotation, whether material will be running face up or face down, and a sketch of the cutter pattern.