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We at Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools are not big fans of the plastic templates. They damage easily, and also get worn quickly by the tracing pins. Here we make metal templates out of semi hard 3/32” thick flat stock. We manufacture these using Wire EDM machines. Wire EDM’s are extremely accurate machine tools. Basically it’s a .010” diameter brass wire that burns through the steel and produces an extremely accurate cut.

That process also results in an extremely fine surface finish (the tracing pins just glide over these very smoothly.) Seems how the wire is only .010” in diameter we get nice crisp corners unlike the large radius the small CNC templates produce.  These templates will last forever. We can incorporate any axial constant system your machinery uses. Our default system is  the Weinig system, 20MM past the profile on each side and 60MM from the deepest part of the template to the bottom of the template. Steel cost more but it is definitely worth it knowing they last and work so well. We also black oxide them for a nice finish. We also make GO and NOGO gauges. We offer a discount on the templates if you order the knives. See our H.S.S. Profile Knives under products to learn more.


Ordering is easy. You can just email a cad drawing (any file type,) ship a sample to us, or fax us sketch/tracing. We will design it in our cad system, provide you with an approval drawing, and manufacture your template. With your template you will also receive a customer drawing sheet. Call to speak to a customer representative for all your grinding template needs.  CONTACT US


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