Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools is an authorized distributor for the best names in tool holders. A Vexor sales representative can help you choose the tool holders that are right for you and your application. Whether it’s CAT, HSK, BT, SK, shrink fit chucks, ER collet chucks, HG high precision chucks, or face mill arbors. From tool holders used in the woodworking industry to tool holders used in metal working industries, Vexor can provide you with all you need. And don’t forget the accessories anything from collets, nuts, pull studs, hand wrenches, dust seals, dust covers, spindle wipers, torque wrenches, setup stands, and more.

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Vexor also can help you choose the right aggregate head for your machining needs. All tool holders we sell are high precision-high performance and pre-balanced to G2.5 specifications for operating speeds of 24,000 to 25,000 RPM depending on the company. Fine balancing is available for increased RPM (60,000) at an additional charge. Precision in concentricity for the highest demands and minimal run out. Contact a Vexor customer representative for all your tool holding needs.

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