Designed to be an alternative to the HD sink profile bit, this insert tool utilizes a 14MM
four sided insert. The carbide is of the highest grade which outperforms brazed tools. Our aluminum bearing will hold up unlike the normal nylon sleeved bearings. Inserts are sold in boxes of ten (that’s 40 fresh edges) and cost less than the price of a brazed router bit. The best part is that there is virtually no sanding necessary after using this tool. The companies that tested these for us would not give them back (including Wilsonart).

  • ¼”Dia, shank
  • 2 Flutes
  • Aluminum sleeved bearing (45 degree angle)
  • Large diameter of 2.043"
  • Cutting edges are 42 degrees to prevent the tool from digging in
  • Standard 4 sided indexable inserts
  • Balanced to industry standard of 2.5G
  • Part # VEX-WAST-42
VEX-WAST-42 Assembly.JPG

Here is a Sink Fabrication Guide provided by Wilsonart.
(All content in that document is property of Wilsonart)