Multi Panel 50_200.jpg

The Multi-Panel 50 is a multiple profile insert raised panel cutter system available in a single or double raised panel configuration. The Multi-Panel 50 utilizes Vexor’s unique backing gibb technology by integrating the gibb into the backer. The Multi-Panel 50 uses a 50mm insert as a starting size to cover most profiles. However, if a larger reveal is required, we can put your profile into a longer insert, up to 80mm in length. This takes the multi panel 50 from 171.45mm(6.75”) in diameter to about 231.44(9.112”) diameter (depending on the profile). 

In addition, our location plate design offers simplified insert and backer registration, resulting in extremely accurate knife location. Also included is a 2.25”diameter rub bearing and a 2.75” diameter sleeved rub bearing. This is also available in a CNC router, Unique Shape & Sand, And Jenkins version. Here are some of the benefits of the Multi Panel 50: By simply changing inserts when dull, there is no need to send the tool in for sharpening   

  • Multiple profile capability in one raised panel cutter.
  • Extended tool life over brazed tooling due to insert accuracy. Superior carbide and precision wire EDM machined tool bodies, result in a superior surface finish and high concentricity.
  • Backing gibb technology. Integrated gibb/backer design, Made from 5/16” thick hardened steel with integrated safety slots, making them the strongest in the industry.
  • Inserts are made of high quality tungsten carbide (sub micro grain). They are precision ground, and have integrated safety slots.
  • Guaranteed repeatability and consistency in your profiles.
  • Location plate side locating system makes for a more accurate and simplified insert and backer registration, resulting in high concentricity.
  • Multi Panel tools are dynamically balanced.
  • Lead time is less than that of dedicated tooling for new profiles.
  • Tool bodies are manufactured from high tensile steel.