The Multi-Panel-CNC is for people that want the versatility of our Multi-Panel tool, but prefer to make their panel on a CNC Router.


Vex-Multi-Panel-50-CNCR .JPG

This one tool will handle most of your raised panel needs due to the fact that like our Multi-Panel tool. It can have custom hardened backers replaced to accept different custom profiles. The inserts and backers come at only a fraction of the cost as a dedicated raised panel would.  It can handle raised panels from 1-1/2" deep to 4" deep. If you are manufacturing entry doors, cabinet doors, or both then this tool is the best tool for your CNC router.


Here are some important details about the Multi-Panel-CNC (Raised Panel Profiling Tool).

  • Multiple raised panel profile capability in one insert raised panel cutter.
  • Backing Gibb Technology: it’s an integrated gibb and profile backer in one. They are made from 5/16” thick hardened steel which is the strongest in the industry.    
  • Lead time for new profiles, inserts and backers is less than that of dedicated tooling.
  • The Multi-Panel-CNC is offered in only a 1” diameter shank.
  • The body is made from high tensile steel.
  • If you are interested in eventually purchasing or starting with the cabinet door back out attachment, then the Multi-Panel-CNC has to be ordered in advance to accept the attachment; additional machining is required. A sales representative can help you with any questions.
Vexx-Multi-Panel-50-CNCR-CAB-BO Full Assembly.JPG